Antakya-Cuisine with Süheyl Budak and 75 Ladies

Not only that we could take the two most important men of the Antakya-Cuisine, namely Süheyl Budak who actually works as civil engineer, but using most of his spare time exploring the cuisine of Antakya and even publishing great stuff about this rich cuisine and Metin Tansal, the owner of the restaurant Sultan Sofrasi, where you can try this insane delights. The two showed us one of their culinary projects. A center for regional cuisine where 75 women are trained at the time as a cook. It was a great honor for us to be able to look oover their shoulders.

On that day, they were preparing kind of an eggplant-rice cake stuffed with meat called „Maklube.
Here you can find the recipe for the Palestinian version. The Book of Antakya Kitchen from Süheyl Budak is still waiting in german customs to arrive us. So we will present you some information and recipes from it as soon as possible!

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